We are a turnkey global provider of vision systems. This means that we can furnish an entire application, or provide a component of an application; the choice is yours.

Our turnkey services include free application testing and development, design, software development, mechanical and electrical engineering, PLC programming, run-off, installation support, in-plant 
programming and production support, maintenance, training, and remote support.

We are also a distributor for machine vision smart cameras, lighting, lensing, enclosures, and accessories. We have special pricing on these products, contact us to learn more!

With our exclusive inspections systems Multi-View™, Exact Scan™, Surface Scan™, and Image Drive™, our camera integration, and our wealth of experience in the world of machine vision, we can be as imaginative as possible to provide the best solution at the lowest cost! Over three decades, we have built up tribal knowledge which is applied to every application.



We install and support most common types of PLC's and HMI's including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, and Omron.

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Our team of seasoned developers are ready to provide standard or custom software solutions to meet any challenge!




Often, projects are more efficiently met with the build of a conveyor system.  At USS Vision, we have years of experience in conveyor build, another one of our complimentary machine vision services that makes USS Vision a turnkey machine vision integrator.


Give your robot “eyes”. We work with ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Mitsubishi, and Nachi, among others, and offer solutions for any payload.

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As a complete, total turn-key machine vision integrator, USS Vision designs and builds special machinery to meet challenging vision-error proofing requirements for several industries.

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Whether it’s electrical or mechanical, our staff of machine vision engineers at USS Vision are all part of the total team approach. This enables us to continually improve the quality of our machine vision products and services and therefore, your application.


We design and manufacture cameras and light mounting and other fixtures as part of our turnkey machine vision services.


USS Vision computer animation simulates your vision-error proofing application before you install.

With our light simulation technology, we can determine if the light will cause distractions for the operator.  After the design is complete, a full 3D rendering is produced to show how the system will look prior to installation.


Machine vision services we offer at USS Vision are enhanced by our training and support. 

Call to sign up for a new vision technology workshop.  The classes are held at our Research and Development Center in Livonia, Michigan. Classes run from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm (EST), and cover the latest in industrial image processing, including the advanced Multi-View™ and Exact Scan™ inspection systems, and the latest in Artificial Intelligence. Several demonstrations are given.


Feel free to bring in a part or parts for testing. Lunch is provided, and the class is free. Contact us to receive the latest workshop schedule.


We offer operational training at locations all over the world. 


Depending on the scope of your application and the machine vision services needed, these classes range from one-day to three-day intense workshops.


The classes are tailored to the needs of our customers, and students will receive training directly on the application in their facility.