At USS Vision we objectively select the best smart camera for the job. We integrate for Cognex, Banner, Keyence, LMI, DataLogic, and Matrox.


Our turnkey products and services complement smart cameras. We can select and provide lensing, lighting, mounts, fixtures, robots, and automation.


Our design, engineering, software development, PLC programming, in-plant programming, and training help assure that your smart camera works flawlessly.

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Rapid Customization

  • Specials and product modifications in days, not weeks. We call it "rapid customization".

  • Rapid Delivery through highly automated just-in-time manufacturing.

  • Highly skilled application engineers - at the factory and in the field - to help you troubleshoot problems or create entirely new solutions. Worldwide presence.

Ease of Use

  • Banner vision error-proofing system offers both serial or Ethernet connectivity for setup.

  • Flexible I/O via its pluggable terminal block that accommodates configurable inputs (NPN/PNP).

  • Configurable outputs (NPN/PNP).

  • Allows a stored inspection to be selected.

  • Easy to install and operate.

Two Locational Tools

  • Locate Tool

    • Translation and rotation​

  • Pattern Find Tool

    • Translation and rotation​

Five Vision Tools

  • Gray Scale Tool

    • Average gray scale value​

  • Blob Tool

    • Presence, connectivity, and location​

  • Edge Tool

    • Presence, number, classification, and location of edges​

  • Object Tool

    • Presence, number, classification, size, and location of objects​

  • Pattern Count Tool

    • Presence, number, and location of a pattern​


USS Vision integrates Cognex systems; “Right-size” your machine vision systems to your specific requirement!

USS Vision ensures efficient and cost-effective Cognex solutions, and the ability to easily expand configurations with standard products from a single vendor. We will facilitate the integration of Cognex sensors into other process-monitoring equipment.

Automation users can configure two-way communication between Cognex systems, programmable logic controllers, and PC-based controllers using standard network and field bus protocols. Ethernet communication allows multiple Cognex vision systems to be linked across the factory floor.

VisionPro Based PC Vision Systems

Combine the power and flexibility of advanced programming with the simplicity of a graphical programming environment. An array of PC-based and packaged hardware platforms offers unmatched high-speed image acquisition and processing, flexible communications, and system configurability.

In-Sight Vision Sensors

Deliver proven Cognex technology in low-cost, compact, and easy-to-use packages. The cost-effective vision sensors are ideal for a wide range of general purpose vision tasks, including dimensional measurement, part location, color inspection, and assembly verification.

Code Reading Systems

Utilize standard Cognex hardware and software to create solutions tailored to a variety of applications. Included are easy-to-use machine vision systems specifically designed for reading 2D matrix codes and 1D bar codes.

In-Sight 5000 Series

  • Wide array of sensors available in the 5000 Series

  • Systems available in different resolutions: standard 640 x 480, and high resolution 1024 x 788 and 1600 x 1200

  • Available in color

  • Ideal for ID and code reading

  • Windows-based

  • Does not require a PC


  • Cost-effective for multi-camera applications

    • Average gray-scale value​

  • Easy and inexpensive to add cameras on to system

  • Fastest and most powerful system

  • Can have different camera styles in the same system; such as gray-scale and color Requires PC

Cognex Checker

  • Ideal for inspecting small features

  • Small foot print

  • Good for simple applications

  • Lowest cost Cognex camera

  • Windows based

  • Does not require a PC

Remote Head

  • Compact, remote head camera (1.25"L x 1.25"D)

  • Ideal for robot guided applications, where space is limited

  • Windows based

  • Does not require a PC