Bead inspection is a critical part of the automation process. At USS Vision, we provide 100% total bead inspection with our unique and exclusive machine vision inspection systems.

Electronics inspection applications typically involve automated optical inspection (AOI) at multiple manufacturing stages.  The trend is toward more points of inspection, but the key is always to capture yield-limiting defects—and avoid false positives—while reducing the overall time for inspection.

One of our specialties is integrating bead inspection systems. As components shrink, inspection systems need to provide ever-greater resolution while maintaining an ever-increasing total system throughput—thus the need for speed.

Higher speed requires higher sensitivity to make up for the reduced number of photons.  Delivering better images in less time with less light presents conflicting goals, but these are the goals inspection systems must meet.

Enter machine vision for 100% total bead inspection.

We have designed, developed, and installed over 8,000 bead inspection systems, along with structural adhesive, sealer, and RTV inspection systems.

We have systems that do not rely on robots, inspect in milliseconds, do not move, and require little maintenance.

Our systems inspect 100% of the bead for skips, position, width, and height, or they can perform spot checks.

Whether the bead is on a machined surface or is the same color as the surface it’s applied to or is applied on glass, our systems are up to the task.

At USS Vision, our exclusive and unmatched inspection systems can tackle tight tolerances to provide 100% total inspection of interconnect pins.