Bead inspection is a critical part of the automation process in auto stamping plants, powertrain, glass, and elsewhere. At USS Vision, we provide total bead inspection coverage with our unique and exclusive machine vision inspection systems.

We have designed, developed, and installed over 8,500 bead inspection systems, including structural adhesive, sealer, and RTV inspection systems. We have systems that do not rely on robots, inspect in 
milliseconds, do not move, and require little maintenance. Our systems inspect 100% of the bead for skips, position, width, and height; or they can perform simple spot checks. Whether the bead is on a reflective machined surface, the same color as the surface it is applied on, or it is applied on glass, our systems are up for the task!

At USS Vision, we are mandated to produce the best system at the lowest price. Contact us to learn more.

Bead Inspection

Example of a Passed bead inspection

Bead Inspection

Example of a Failed bead inspection