What We Provide

Turnkey Integration

Total turnkey integration describes precisely what we do at USS Vision to complement our exclusive machine vision inspection systems created at the USS Vision Research & Development center.

Turnkey machine vision systems allow manufacturers to leave the vision application to the experts.

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Smart Camera Integration

Smart Camera integration is a cornerstone of what we offer at USS Vision in addition to our exclusive inspection systems.  We integrate machine vision systems from a variety of smart camera manufacturers, including Banner, Cognex, Datalogic, Microscan, LMI, and Keyence.  With our experience in the world of machine vision, the engineering staff at USS Vision has the flexibility and the knowledge to determine what smart camera system is the right one for your project.



Object character recognition (OCR) and object character verification (OCV), along with data matrix and bar code inspection is key for plant traceability.  Those applications can also be a challenge.

We understand the potential pitfalls of OCR / OCV and have developed systems that successfully read these types of markings.


Complimentary Services

Complimentary machine vision services are offered at USS Vision to complement our exclusive inspection systems, the Multi-View, and Exact Scan, as well as our smart camera integration.


Industries Served

Industries served by USS Vision and our exclusive machine vision products such as the Multi-View™ and Exact Scan™, as well as smart camera integration, include (but are not limited to) the automotive, packaging, food & beverage, DOE, and medical industries.

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