What We Offer


The USS Multi-View™ is an advanced, low cost, proven solution for multiple inspection applications.


Created in the USS Research and Development Center and proven in the field, Multi-View™ is developed to be installed on moving or stationary assembly applications, inspecting part presence/absence, measurement, and orientation.


 Surface Scan™ 

Deep learning-based software tools like USS Vision Surface Scan can now perform judgment-based part location, inspection, classification, and character recognition challenges more effectively than humans or traditional machine vision solutions.


Exact Scan™

The USS Vision Exact Scan™ is a high-performance, patented machine vision inspection system that scans multiple features at super-high resolution (4,000 x 9,000 pixels).

The system consists of a unique vision sensor along with special lighting designed, proven for all manufacturing applications, and has a small footprint.

100% Bead Inspection

Bead inspection is a critical part of the automation process. At USS Vision, we provide 100% total bead inspection with our unique and exclusive machine vision inspection systems.

We have designed, developed, and installed over a thousand bead inspection systems, along with structural adhesive, sealer, and RTV inspection systems.