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The USS Vision Exact Scan™ is a high-performance, patented machine vision inspection system that scans multiple features at super-high resolution (12,000 x 9,000 pixels). The system consists of a unique vision sensor along with special lighting designed, proven for all manufacturing applications, and has a small footprint.

The Exact Scan™ machine vision software uses powerful software tools, along with a simple easy-to-read front-end display. The software is Windows-based and easy for plant engineers to learn.

Rather than using many sensors to inspect multiple features, the USS Vision Exact Scan™ replaces them by using only one sensor per side, dramatically reducing overall cost and lowering maintenance. The sensors inspect with a high degree of precision, and also inspect more features.

The system is data-rich.  Pass/fail data, along with the part identity, are stored in the PC. Images are automatically captured and stored in the system PC, along with the part identity. Enable USS Vision Image-Drive™ for real-time remote accessible data on the cloud.

The system plugs into a single 110 power source and communicates to manufacturing plants’ communication networks via Ethernet or serially. With one sensor, you can inspect many features at a super-high resolution!


Super high-definition resolution (12,000 x 9,000 pixels

Replaces multi camera applications

Inspects multiple features with a single sensor

Sends individual pass/fail data

Logs images with
inspection data

Low cost and low maintenance solution​

Small footprint (about 1 meter wide)

Featured on the National Geographic Channel





Door Handles



Running Boards



Body Side Cladding