The USS Vision Exact Scan™ is a high-performance, patented machine vision inspection system that scans multiple features at super-high resolution (4,000 x 9,000 pixels).

The system consists of a unique vision sensor along with special lighting designed, proven for all manufacturing applications, and has a small footprint.

The Exact Scan™ machine vision software uses powerful software tools, along with a simple easy-to-read front-end display! The software is Windows-based and easy for plant engineers to learn.

Rather than using many sensors to inspect multiple features, the USS Exact Scan™ replaces them by using only one sensor per side, dramatically reducing overall cost and lowering maintenance.

Inspect with a high degree of precision, and also inspect more features.

The system is data-rich.  Pass/fail data, along with the part identity, are stored in the PC. Images are automatically captured and stored in the system PC, along with the part identity. Enable Image-Drive™ for real-time remote accessible data on the cloud.

The system plugs into a single 110 power source and communicates to manufacturing plants’ communication networks via Ethernet or serially. With one sensor, you can inspect many features at a super-high resolution!



  • Badges

  • Emblems

  • Decals

  • Door Handles

  • Gaps

  • Running Boards

  • Wheels

  • Lights

  • Bumpers

  • Body Side Cladding

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The main advantages of Exact Scan™ versus traditional vision sensors are:

Replaces multiple-camera applications

When your application requires more than one feature to inspect, Exact Scan™ is a cost-save versus traditional cameras.  Because the resolution is so great, and because Exact Scan™ “scans” a large area, one sensor can often replace multiple sensors.  This saves on hardware costs and lowers maintenance.

Super High Resolution

The USS Exact Scan™ system scans features at super-high resolution (4,000 X 9,000 pixels).   This gives our customers the ability to inspect with a high degree of precision, and also inspect more features.


The system saves more data than traditional area scan sensors.  Because the system is PC-based, the system is high-performing, and stores a ton of data. Enable Image-Drive™ for cloud-based accessibility.


Super hi-definition resolution (4,000 x 9,000 pixels)

Replaces Multi-Camera Applications

Inspects multiple features with a single sensor

Sends individual pass/fail data

Logs images with inspection data

Low-cost and low-maintenance

Small footprint (about 1 meter wide)

Featured on the National Geographic Channel

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