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USS Vision Multi-View™, Surface Scan™, and Exact Scan™ were born from the creativity of our dedicated team seeking ways to reduce manufacture's costs while improving quality. Industry 4.0 is here with USS Image Drive™; connecting machine vision systems globally while interfacing with our customers' quality tracking systems, all accessible in one central dashboard. Our machine learning software is a perfect fit for the most challenging applications. At USS Vision, we provide turnkey vision solutions.


USS Vision has been in business for over 20 years and is AIA certified. Headquartered in Metro-Detroit, with remote support offices in Memphis, Chicago, and Saltillo, Mexico.

USS Vision is proud to be affiliated with these organizations:


A3 Certified Vision Professional - Advanced


USS Vision HQ.jpg

USS Vision Inc. Headquarters

12870 Farmington Rd.

Livonia, MI 48150

1-(734)-522-8100 (phone)

1-(734)-522-0818 (fax)

[email protected]



Our story begins in the basement of Ron Weber’s home. Ron and Phil O’Shaughnessy understood the innovation of smart cameras and recognized the value they would have in automating inspections and reducing factory warranty costs. Ron and Phil took a leap of faith and formed USS Vision in 1999. They had the goal of becoming a turnkey vision integrator focused on providing the best vision solutions at the most cost-effective price point.  They began with a company purchase of a printer to create brochures to spread the word about smart camera technology and hired their first employee, Ron’s wife Cindy, to run the office. A short time later USS Vision had its first sale to a General Motors Powertrain plant in Livonia.


Three years later, USS Vision moved into its first HQ in Livonia off of Schoolcraft Road. The facility included a lab complete with vision systems from an array of manufacturers along with robotic test cells. Within a year, USS Vision become the largest integrator of DVT smart cameras in the world. By 2009, USS Vision was a deemed a strategic partner to large automotive OEM’s as our smart camera technology assisted them with reducing manufacturing costs. Then work began on Multi-View™, an exclusive PC-based vision system that is more powerful and cost efficient than smart cameras in multi-camera applications. To date USS Vision has integrated more than 7,500 Multi-View™ cameras! After USS Vision moved into a larger HQ in 2013, Multi-View™ was rolled out to a large OEM plant in Italy and to every one of their North American assembly plants, which are still supported today! 


Unfortunately in 2018, Ron Weber passed away. Ron had left his mark on automation and lived a life worth celebrating. Ron’s son, Justin Weber, took the helm of USS Vision and purchased Phil’s shares to become sole owner of USS Vision.

USS Vision developed and deployed an automation first in a large OEM stamping plant in 2019. After developing Surface Scan™ with machine learning technology, the stamping plant could check for tiny 2-3mm splits in stamped parts at a rate of one every four seconds. This type of 
inspection would not have been possible even a few years prior. In addition, the first remote location in Saltillo, Mexico was opened.

Image Drive™, linking all final assembly plant end-of-line vision systems to a central dashboard was launched in 2020, which enables the customer to view system data and images from anywhere there is internet. Deploying large scale machine learning systems for one of the largest privately held companies in the world, Georgia Pacific, was a highlight for 2020 and 2021. Our system acquires images and counts the number of logs on the truck, identifies tree species, measures the length of the logs, all to place a dollar value on the load of the truck. 
In keeping with Ron and Phil's original goal, we continue to roll out new innovations and provide the best solution at the lowest cost. We are proud to serve and to count many Fortune 100 companies as customers and we strive to develop and nourish long term relationships with them. We look forward to continued development of PC-based vision solutions and large scale deployments using machine learning.

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