USS has been in business for over 20 years, is AIA certified, and is an MMSDC certified minority-owned company. We are privately owned with headquarters in Livonia, MI, and with remote support offices in Memphis, and Saltillo Mexico.



1999  - Founded.



2000 – Integrated first smart camera from DVT into a Powertrain plant.



2002 – Moved from the basement office to our first Headquarters in Livonia.



2003 – Became the largest DVT smart camera integrator in the world.



2007 – Developed Exact Scan on the factory floor.



2010 – Developed and deployed the first large-scale PC-based system.



2013 – Moved into a larger headquarters in Livonia.



2013 – Developed and deployed USS Multi-View –Several thousand units deployed.



2015 – Received global contract to integrate Multi-View into a large OEM.



2016 – Began work on Surface Scan using artificial intelligence and deep learning.



2017 – Integrated first Surface Scan system checking for cracks in a casted part.



2019 – Developing Image Drive for connecting, storing, and analyzing data and images from multiple vision systems across the globe.



2019 – Partnering with a pioneering Industry 4.0 company to bring machine learning to the factory floor.

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