In the electric vehicle manufacturing process there are many high voltage hoses and connectors 
spanning the vehicle chassis. These connections need to be secure otherwise damage can occur. In addition during marriage (vehicle body dropped on to a chassis), if any hoses are out of position they can be crimped causing scrap, repair, downtime, and money. USS Vision has added machine learning to our exclusive Multi-View™ system; enter Multi-View ML! This system offers the best traditional machine vision metrology tools combined with state of the art machine learning. USS Vision provides comfort to the quality team by inspecting high voltage connectors and hose position with our Multi-View ML machine learning system. 


Multi-View ML inspects chassis on-the-fly in real time. 100% coverage! If there is a high voltage 
connector not fully latched and seated, or a hose out of position, Multi-View ML will signal the line PLC or MES to notify the assembly line of the issue. A screen shows an operator an image of the failure and where it is located on the chassis. Quality teams can rest well knowing that 100% of production is being checked!