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The electric vehicle manufacturing process involves numerous high-voltage hoses and connectors spanning the entire vehicle chassis. Ensuring secure connections is vital to avoid potential damage, especially during the marriage process (when the vehicle body is dropped onto the chassis), as any misplaced hoses can get crimped, resulting in costly repairs, downtimes, and losses.

USS Vision has revolutionized the inspection process by integrating cutting-edge machine learning algorithms with our exclusive Multi-View™ system to create Multi-View ML. This system offers state-of-the-art machine learning tools combined with traditional machine vision metrology to provide comprehensive and accurate inspections.

With Multi-View ML, USS Vision provides the ultimate solution for quality control by inspecting high-voltage connectors and hoses' position in real time. This system offers complete coverage, inspecting every aspect of the chassis with 100% accuracy. If any high-voltage connector is not fully latched or seated, or if any hose is out of position, Multi-View ML immediately signals the line Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to notify the assembly line of the issue.

Additionally, Multi-View ML generates an image of the failure's location on the chassis, which is displayed on a screen for operators to view. With this technology, quality teams can rest assured that every aspect of production is being checked, and any issues can be addressed immediately, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

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