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The USS Multi-View™ is an advanced and cost-effective solution for multiple inspection applications, which has established itself as the industry standard among large global automotive manufacturers. Developed at the USS Research and Development Center and tested in the field, Multi-View™ can be installed on moving or stationary assembly applications, enabling inspections for part presence/absence, measurement, and orientation.

In addition to its comprehensive capabilities, the Multi-View™ system features exclusive color detection and can support up to 100 sensor heads for an extensive inspection array around the target object. This machine vision system offers significant cost savings compared to traditional smart sensors in multiple camera applications while providing enhanced performance.

All inspection data and images are automatically stored in the Multi-View™ controller or sent to the cloud-based USS Image-Drive™ for real-time access from anywhere with internet connectivity. Moreover, the cost of adding a sensor to the Multi-View™ system is only about 30% of a traditional smart sensor, making it an attractive option for manufacturers.

With over 7,500 Multi-View™ machine vision sensors installed to date, including a 50-camera system inspecting over 475 items at a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM), USS is a trusted name in the industry for delivering reliable and effective inspection solutions.


Inspects the entire part optically in COLOR

Inspects multiple features

Ultra-High resolution for robust  inspection​

Inspects all sides of the part

Remote accessible for fast support

Low-cost solution​

Stores images and results locally or in the cloud​

Communicates directly to plant quality system, and stores each individual inspected feature with build data and images


General Assembly Inspections



Wheels and Caps

Head and Tail Lamps


Running Boards

Exhaust Caps




Powertrain Inspections


Data Matrix

RTV Bead

Snap Ring

CIR Clip

Timing Marks

Oil Caps


Motor Mounts


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