Total turnkey integration describes precisely what we do at USS Vision to complement our exclusive machine vision inspection systems created at the USS Vision Research & Development center.

At USS, we can handle an entire application, or a specific part of it; the choice is yours.  Our turnkey services include: free application testing and development, design, mechanical and electrical engineering, run-off, installation support, programming and production support, maintenance, training, and remote support capabilities.

Turnkey machine vision systems allow manufacturers to leave the vision application to the experts.

If you’re looking for a machine vision solution, you could purchase a partial assembly or just components or go the turnkey route. As the name implies, a turnkey machine vision system is a complete system delivered ready to go.

And more people are going the turnkey route, according to machine vision consultants and integrators. Consider the benefits of not doing it yourself. You receive a system made for you, eliminate risk, and have long-term support. In addition, you won’t lose expertise if an internal staff member leaves.

Cost is often a deciding factor in selecting a machine vision system.  It’s wise to invest in machine vision after paying for a recall or quality defects, as you’ll find the costs of a turnkey machine vision system are worth it.

Though turnkey systems are often more expensive, it helps to examine the long-term costs. While some may be under the impression that doing-it-yourself may be more cost-effective, at USS Vision, with our expertise in machine integration, our solutions will almost always end up being the most cost-effective solution.

At USS Vision, our customers receive a system made for them, eliminate risk, and have long-term support. This allows companies to maintain a vision system even if an internal staff member leaves.

Turnkey vision systems are a hybrid of talented vision specialists, creative mechanical and electrical designers and software specialists such as the engineering team at USS Vision.

With our exclusive inspections systems, the Multi-View™ and Exact Scan™, our smart camera integration, and our wealth of experience in the world of machine vision, we can be as imaginative as possible with the solution we create to ensure we’re equipped with a toolbox having enough diversity and quantity of tools to meet the ever demanding needs of our customers striving to create a higher quality part.

Multi-View Camera