Fresh, State-of-the-Art, Exclusive

The USS Multi-View™ is an advanced, low cost, proven solution for multiple inspection applications.

Created in the USS Research and Development Center and proven in the field, Multi-View™ is developed to be installed on moving or stationary assembly applications, inspecting part presence/absence, measurement, and orientation.

Additionally, the exclusive system has the ability to inspect in COLOR.  Up to forty-six (46) sensor heads can be plugged into the Multi-View™ platform, creating an inspection array surrounding the target object.

The Multi-View™ machine vision system is a huge cost save versus traditional smart sensors in multiple camera applications, and is far more powerful. Inspection data and inspected images are automatically stored on the Multi-View™ controller.

Adding a sensor onto the Multi-View™ system is about 30% of the cost of a traditional smart sensor, making Multi-View™ even more attractive.

To date, USS has installed over 5,500 Multi-View™ machine vision sensors, including a 45 camera system inspecting over 450 items at a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Automotive Applications

With assembly applications in an automotive environment, the Multi-View™ checks for:

With Power-Train applications in an automotive environment, the exclusive multi-camera inspection system checks for:

Multi-View™ Summation