Another first from USS Vision, DeepView is a camera which uses an intuitive web browser for training machine learning models. Machine learning solves applications which previously were difficult or 
impossible for traditional machine vision to do. Most current machine learning platforms condense the raw image from the camera sensor for training. DeepView is unique in that it uses the entire image to 
process and develop a model yielding superior results.

Packaged like a traditional smart camera, DeepView has an industrial IP54 enclosure, and 
EtherNet/IP. Training models on DeepView does not require a separate PC. And the best part about DeepView is there is no recurring fee. DeepView is proudly designed, developed, engineered, and 
manufactured in the USA!

USS Vision is an official distributor and integrator for DeepView.



400 core dedicated chip

EtherNet/IP,  24V logic

IP54 industrial enclosure


On board AI 

No Training PC Needed

Web-browser User Interface

Stores 2 million images

Smart camera format

Intuitive design


Welding Inspection 

Battery Cable Inspection

Blemish Detection

Split Detection

Metal Inspection 

Paper Inspection Assembly



Robotics Tool-Change 

Machining Inspection