Complementary machine vision services are offered at USS Vision to complement our exclusive inspection systems, the Multi-View and Exact Scan, as well as our smart camera integration.

Over several years, machine vision has matured as a reliable and critical tool for identifying production flaws that are difficult for traditional measurement sensors to detect.These services make USS Vision an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional turnkeymachine vision integrator.

Adding vision to your existing industrial control and automation systems can help you monitor industrial machinery for any safety concerns and necessary maintenance, for traceability during a production process, and for product quality control to reduce scrap and ensure customer satisfaction.

PLC Programming

At USS Vision, we know that high technology begins with imagination and continues with production and implementation and is essential to our machine vision services.

Our engineering department’s capabilities include both mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as Auto-Cad services and 3-dimensional automation.  Our vision programming personnel are completely familiar with all interfacing requirements from our Vision Error Proofing systems and Laser Error Proofing systems, to your in-plant PLCs. Our total turn-key services create “Smart Factories” from design concept on through to final sensor programming.

Our programming philosophy is to perform all work in the simplest, most straight-forward manner possible.  Many programmers will try to use the least amount of programming, or code, to complete the project.  This may have been appropriate when processors were slower, but is now a non-issue in 99% of all applications with the advent of very high speed processors.  When the job is complete, our programmers will have completed an application that’s easy to understand, trouble-shoot or modify within your new system.

USS Vision products integrate seamlessly with programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs), and human machine interfaces (HMIs).  Additionally, we work with a wide variety of smart camera manufacturers and imaging standards on the market.  With our experience in the world of machine vision and the machine vision services we offer, we will recommend the sensor type, resolution, and bandwidth that meets your application needs in the most cost-effective manner possible.

USS Vision has developed, programmed, tested, and commissioned vision systems involving all of the major manufacturers.  USS can develop PLC code from system specifications, logic diagrams, flow charts, technical discussions, narratives, or a combination thereof dependent upon the client’s needs and application demands.


At USS Vision, we design and manufacture camera and light mounts and other fixtures as part of our machine vision services.

Our patented vision error proofing camera and light fixturing are designed to withstand the most abusive environment, characterized by enormous flexibility and versatility.

We also manufacture and design custom fixtures, and shrouded vision stations to fit any application.

Conveyor Build

Often, projects are more efficiently met with the build of a conveyor system.  At USS Vision, we have years of experience in conveyor build, another one of our complementary machine vision services that makes USS Vision a turnkey machine vision integrator.

Robot Guidance

Give your robot “eyes”.

Have robotic applications that need a little help?  Keep your robot on track and accurate so it can do the job it’s supposed to do.

USS Vision has the ability to help you communicate with your robotics in many ways.  Pick and place applications to reduce labor and tooling costs, as well as 3D robotic guidance with USS Vision systems.

As part of our complementary machine vision services, we work with ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Mitsubishi, and Nachi, among others, and offer solutions for any size payload.

Machine Build

As a complete, total turn-key machine vision integrator, USS Vision designs and builds special machinery to meet challenging vision-error proofing requirements for several industries.

Our experience and long-term commitment to quality is paramount to the complementary machine vision services we offer.

Advanced Engineering

Whether it’s electrical or mechanical, our staff of machine vision engineers at USS Vision are all part of the total team approach, which enables us to continually improve the quality of our machine vision services and your application.

We focus in on maximizing value-added activities for your current and future programs.  Our commitment to you is to achieve total customer satisfaction.

We produce drawing packages per your specifications, and will work with your engineering team to make sure the job is done right.  USS Vision will train your staff as needed, and will keep you abreast of all developments, from concept to completion to allow for a seamless transition into machine vision automation.

Project Management

At USS Vision, we have you covered for the life-cycle of your machine vision project, from concept through completion. Whether your project is a single sensor, or an entire plant full of sensors, you will be treated to the highest level of service in the industry.

3D Computer Animation

USS Vision computer animation simulates your vision-error proofing application before you install.

Vision systems require lights, and sometimes this can interfere with an operator working near the station.

With our light simulation technology, we can determine if the light will cause distractions for the operator.  After the design is complete, a full 3D rendering is produced to show how the system will look prior to installation.


Machine vision services we offer at USS Vision are enhanced by our training and support.

Call to sign up for a new vision technology workshop.  The classes are held at our Research and Development Center in Livonia, Michigan.

Classes run from 9:00am to 1:00pm (EST), and cover the latest in industrial image processing, including the advanced Multi-View™ and Exact Scan™ inspection systems.

Several demonstrations are given. Feel free to bring in a part or parts for testing. Lunch is provided, and the class is free. Contact USS Vision to receive the latest workshop schedule.

In-plant training
We offer operational training at locations all over the world.  Depending on the scoop of your application and the machine vision services needed, these classes range from one-day to three-day intense workshops.  The classes are tailored to the needs of our customers, and students will receive training directly on the application in their facility.