USS Vision (USS) is a privately owned company with headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, USA. As a member of the prestigious AIA (Advanced Vision and Imaging Association), our credentials are thoroughly verified.

At USS Vision, we design, engineer, produce, and integrate special machine vision error-proofing products and services that create lean factories by improving the quality of manufactured products, and by significantly reducing manufacturing costs through advanced automation.

The USS engineering team at our advanced Research & Development Center has produced cutting-edge, industry-leading, proprietary products like the USS Exact Scan™, which was featured on the National Geographic Channel, and the USS Multi-View™.

At USS Vision, we also excel in 100% total bead inspection.  USS has become the largest, most diverse total turnkey vision integrator in the United States.

Our success has enabled us to serve a variety of industries, and become a preferred supplier to General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and many Tier One OEM suppliers that serve the automotive industry.  USS is a focused total-turn key integration company that can help you choose, engineer, assemble, and integrate the proper vision systems the proper way into your application(s), and implement the various intangibles in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

USS Vision’s core mission is to help our clients streamline and optimize their manufacturing operations to achieve maximum quality and efficiency.

In simpler terms, USS Vision’s responsibility is to ensure that our clients accomplish their missions even more effectively, by suggesting, designing, and integrating new technologies, tools, and procedures into their existential operations.

Who Can We Help?

Everyone benefits when manufacturing operations are efficiently optimized.

USS Vision is the industry leader in machine vision integration.

USS Vision is the foremost leader in the integration of technologies and products that provide services or applications that benefit industries such as automotive or consumer goods manufacturing, semiconductor, agriculture, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, and defense.

If you feel that your manufacturing operations could improve, USS Vision will guarantee increased productivity, efficacy, and job satisfaction.  Multitudes of problems are reduced or eliminated, improving the quality of work.

Financially, it all adds up to an increased and accelerated return on investment, helping you reach your manufacturing goals more quickly, efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

Products & Services

USS Vision has an exclusive array of unique, grass-roots products that are incomparable in the world of machine vision.  Our products are tested to withstand harsh factory environments while yielding extraordinarily efficient and precise data.

With cost-effective pricing points and a host of blue-chip services to support our products, USS Vision has the tools to keep you on the cutting edge of automation.

Our Customers

USS Vision is a preferred supplier to General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, and many major Tier One automotive suppliers.

While we have many products suited for the automotive industry, we also serve other industries, such as packaging, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, semiconductor, Department of Defense, and the solar industries.

At USS, it’s our mandate that each and every one of our customers is supplied with the highest-tech of products along with supreme, top-notch engineering, and detail-orientated, quality, personable service.

Our promise to our clients is to maintain open lines of communication at all times from concept to completion.